Friday, March 4, 2016

Oh my Mickey!!!

Those who have known me for quite some times would know that I am a super duper Mickey fans! Can't even remember when I have fallen for Mickey but that doesn't matter. I do keep certain Mickey collectibles, for e.g. Mickey candy box, Mickey key-chains, Mickey calendar, Mickey water bottle, Mickey thermos, Mickey accessories...uncountable items! 

On my birthday, one of my beloved friends bought me a Leonidas Mickey Chocolate as my birthday gift. The chocolates are all shaped in Mickey head. *Too cute to be eaten!* And so I brought to office to share with my colleagues. I kept the box in the fridge, thinking to bring it back after the chocolate are finished.

Yesterday, when I reached office, my colleague told me that my Mickey box was wet because the ice melted from the freezer has dripped on my Mickey box. It was soaked in water. My colleague asked me to go have a look at it for the very last time before burying into the grave a.k.a rubbish bin,  I dashed into the pantry and to my surprised, my Mickey box is literally lying like a deadfish by the basin! Oh boy~! I was kind of angry and cursing the idiot who did not close the fridge door properly causing my Mickey was wet, the fridge was damp, the food was rotten and stank, ants crawling eveywhere in the fridge! *deep sigh* What has happened, has happened, No point pointing fingers at anyone. No one will admit it anyway. Trying to save the box but knowing that it was impossible, and so I threw it into the rubbish bin and mourned for 30secs. *Hahaha,,a bit too exaggerated* 

You guys might think I am crazy and being too exaggerated but I truly felt sad at that moment because I really like the box. By the way, I have asked SOMEONE to buy one for me next time. :P

 *Look! How cute and nice it was!*

And now it has become a deadfish:-

*OMG! No eyes see* 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After 3 years!

I have been neglecting my blog for like 3 years. Occasionally I do read back my blogs to reminisce the good old days which I have spent with my beloveds. All the memories flow back pages by pages and I am glad that I did pick up writing blogs that time. However, having known that my friends have stopped writing and I myself getting busier with work, I stopped updating my blogs. Some of my friends even closed their blogs. >.<

But what makes me feel like writing again? Recently, I received a comment from someone for my previous post which surprised me because I don't normally receive any comments or feedback from anyone. It then strikes my mind on whether I should start writing / updating my blog again. Hahaha.. Oh well, it is not too bad to start picking up writing blogs again after several years. =)

I might not be able to fill up the blanks for the past 3 years but at least I could jot down the exciting and meaningful moments starting with the year of 2016 a.k.a. the year of Fire Monkey! Yesterday marked the end of Chinese New Year but I hope it is not too late to wish all of you to have an auspicious year filled with good health, good prosperity and happiness throughout the Monkey year!


Monday, January 28, 2013

24th Birthday

24th Jan was my birthday and this year I am 24. LOL! Should I be proud? Yes, because one said that "A year older, a year wiser" and I am getting wiser. Haha~ I actually have no issue with my age as I think it is a natural phenomenon that people do get old one day. My friend once said, age increment is a sign of the accumulation of valuable experiences and I totally agree with that. No doubt to say, I have learnt a lots throughout these years, no matter in study, social communications, problem-solving or relationships.

Okie, not going too much on my age issue. Let me share my celebration with you guys in this blog post, which I would say, is one of the best birthdays I had.

Pre-birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday with my colleagues by having lunch in a Chinese Oriental restaurant together with our Dato and Boss. *Thank you* That was a pre-CNY luncheon as well. After having a scrumptious lunch, we have a cake-cutting session in the office. I was really happy for what my colleagues have done, especially Diana. The fruit cake she bought was full of slices of fruits and its sweetness was just nice. 

Besides, I also received presents from my colleagues, i.e. a mini hand pouch, a pair of earrings and a friendship magnet which I love them so so much. Thank you once again! 

Fruit cake from Secret Recipe

From left: Jasmine, Pek Har, Jacklyn, Hannah :)

From left: Pek Har, Dato & Monty, Hannah

Birthday Celebration

On 24th Jan, I have a date with my Zyan and Yuwen. We went to Pavilion for Vietnamese cuisine, followed by shopping around that area until our pants dropped. LOL. As for dinner, we went to Sushi Zanmai and this time, we ate till we are bloated. I really enjoyed very much on that day - 'cause I have added 2 new blouses into my closet. :P *Oppz..* and of course 'cause of Zyan's and Yuwen's companion. :D

Zyan and Yuwen

BFF *hugs*
Only you will do silly faces with  me.

Three octopus :o

Post-birthday Celebration

On 25th, I finally get to meet my Chloe babe and Bear after so long. I really appreciated their efforts of celebrating with me even though both they are busy. We dined in Dragon-I and later on we went to Starbucks to chit-chat. There were plenty to share between each other, but too bad Ivy babe was not with us and I kinda miss her :P 

Chilling at Starbucks with Chloe

On 26th, another HELP gang celebrated my birthday in Mezze, an Italian restaurant in Medan Damansara. The food there was okie but limited choices - mostly served with pork. Not only birthday celebration, but also a night where we all gathered and shared our recent updates, no matter on studies or work. The night was still too young after our dinner so we decided to watch movie - "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters". *I have not seen any movies for the past few months!* After movie, as usual, our trend -Elissa, Uhong and I went to mamak stall before heading home. Thanks Kimberly, my lovely ex-roommate for the present and I love it so much. Guess what I have received - *Hint - I have added another piece of blouse into my closet ;P*

One of my wishes is to pass my CLP this year >",<..
From left: Kim, NamHon, Elissa

From left: U-hong, Wilsen

From left, U-hong, Wilsen, Kim, NamHon, Elissa 

From the photos above, can tell that I have a fabulous birthday this year with all my lovelies. Thank you for all the efforts and presents, I really appreciated it. I now further assured that I have lots of good friends surrounding me which make me feel blessed. Once again, thanks for those who have wished me and I am now full of you guys' blessings. I believe I will have many happy returns throughout this year. Hope you all have the same as well.

Yours truly

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to KL

Why am I back to KL? The reason is simple - I failed my CLP again!

Couldn't believe it? But yeah, I failed my CLP! 

So, here I am again, in KL, registered to the part time course again, going back to classes again. Well, what to do..just accept the fact and keep moving forward.

I am now currently staying at my friend, Diana's house. She is so kind and nice to me as she offered me a room to stay in temporary until I find a room. Knowing that I am not financially well, she helps to arrange an interview in her firm for me so that I can get a job while studying for my CLP again. I am grateful to have her as my good friend and she is a friend who I won't want to lose. I appreciate all her help and kindness. Thanks once again!

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I was working as an attachment in a law firm at my hometown. Once again, I would like to thank my boss as she is a nice boss and she did teach me a lots and gave me lots of opportunities to involve in conveyancing matters. She also gave me lots of advices and suggestions for my future career and enlarged my sight on what law actually is practically. I love working in there as the working environment is pleasant and harmony with good and friendly colleagues. I hope I could join them again in future.

Since I have decided to give it a last try again, this time I will put more effort and hardwork. Here I am again, with a stronger will and faith! I fear no more and I am determined to sail through it this time! I hope everything will go well as it is. *keeping fingers crossed* Once again, thanks for my family and friends who support me all the while! Thank you! 

*Welcome your day with a smile :)*

Monday, October 1, 2012


Having been waiting for 2 months, the day has finally come. While working attachment in law firm in hometown, I patiently waited for my CLP results and yes, it will be released by tomorrow morning at 8.30am. 

I have a mixed feeling towards it. I am excited as finally I can know my results and start planning for my future, but at the same time, I am nervous and panic as I am scared I might not get what I have longed for. However, I have received lots of supports from my family and friends and I feel blessed! 

My mates told me that they couldn't face it if they would have failed for the second time. I thought about it, asking myself, "How would I react when it happens on me?" and I keep telling myself I will be alright, I will be fine, trying not to get disrupted by those negative thoughts. 

No matter how it turns out, I will face it! I know faith and luck are by my side. I will pray for the best and believe that I will be alright! I will be just fine! *praying hard and keeping fingers crossed* >",<